DCPrime is dedicated to creating more effective immunotherapy products for the treatment of cancer. The company has developed a unique platform technology which allows the generation of off-the-shelf dendritic cell (DC)-based vaccines. The platform combines the power of DC-based vaccines with the advantages of allogeneic stimulation of the immune system, and the simple logistics of off-the-shelf products. With this powerful platform, DCPrime has the opportunity to become the gold standard for off-the-shelf dendritic cell product.

Latest DCPrime News:

October 28, 2014
Strategic Investment by SkylineDx in Cancer Vaccine Company DCPrime

October 3, 2013 
Cancer Vaccine Company DCPrime and Janssen To Collaborate on Potential New Therapy

May, 2013 
DCPrime's Phase I/IIa Trial with Dendritic Cancer Vaccine in Acute Myeloid Leukemia meets all Clinical Endpoints

January 31, 2013  
DCPrime awarded an Eurostars programme grant, to support the further up-scaling of its vaccine production platform

October 31, 2012  
DCPrime awarded first SME Partnership project by TIPharma: vaccine against recurrent leukemia

October 9, 2012
Cancer Vaccine Company DCPrime BV appoints Marcel Zwaal CEO, and Dr. Anthony Hall CMO and expands supervisory board

April 30, 2012  
Equipment for the novel DCPrime BV facility at the BioPartner Centre Leiden, The Netherlands

February 1, 2012  
European Medicines Agency approves Orphan Medicinal Product application of DCPrime's Acute Myeloid Leukemia vaccine

January 1, 2012  
DCPrime BV expands management team

Other News:

December 12, 2011  
"Could this be the end of cancer? " by Sharon Begley, The Daily Beast Magazine